Natasha's aspirations to become an actress began at age seven.  She  studied improvisation and stage with  "The Jack and Jill Players," a children's division of The Chicago Comedy Showcase, and continued with a move to Los Angeles.  Natasha studied drama at various schools, but most of her training came from Hollywood's  late and legendary acting coach, Sal Dano. 

     Natasha is member of Screen Actors Guild and has been a professional actress working on primetime, international, network television shows.  (Click here for detailed IMDB resume)  She is a powerhouse of an actress who has a chameleon like ability to transform and to portray a wide range of characters speaking in a variety of languages and engaging in both comedies and dramas. 


      She has been cast on: Nip/Tuck,  Judging Amy, Monk, Wings,  as Marina Oswald on Quantum Leap,  a Roma on  JAG (Gypsy Eyes) in which she spoke English, Russian, and Romani. She was recast on  JAG (Scimitar) to play an Iraqi Lieutenant speaking English and Arabic. One of the highlights of Natasha's career came when Blake Edwards cast her in  The Son of the Pink Panther movie co-starring Roberto Begnini. It was filmed at Pinewood Studios in England. 

         A breakthrough TV opportunity was presented when Natasha guest starred as Anya Volkova on the popular show Wings.  NBC and Disney Studios recognized her talents and contracted her as a series regular on  NBC/Disney's Pride & Joy.  Later, her Wings co-star, Tony Shaloub,  cast Natasha in an episode of Monk. 
      Natasha's co-stars have included: Tom Selleck, Scott Bakula, Cybill Shepard, Christine Baranski, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler, Tyne Daly, Jennifer Gardner, John Stamos, Stacy Keach, Jenny McCarthy, George Hamilton, Gary Busey, Jon Cryer,  Delta Burke, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alan Thicke, Bonnie Hunt, Joel Murray, Yakov Smirnoff, and many others including Academy Award winning producers, writers, and directors. 

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