2021 will debut Natasha's  literary works. Her first book, AMONG STARS: TEN HABITS TO SKYROCKET TO SUCCESS, , is a non-fiction, autobiographical and self-improvement book.  It includes stories about life in Hollywood, provides details of  what  it 's it like hanging out with celebrities, billionaires, and entrepreneurs, and shares the lessons learned along the way.   The book will be available in  hard copy, paperback, electronic, and audio formats. It will  also be available in English and  Serbian languages. It will also become an international Best Seller. (Okay, let's remain optimistic)  
          As soon as the book hits stores,  the internet, and your coffee table, Natasha will be making a multi city US and European tour to promote it. Natasha has also written several novels and screenplays that have gotten praise and attention from  Hollywood studios.