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MUST WATCH: Streaming now! Natasha appears as herself in the HBOmax Documentary series THE WAY DOWN. Co-executive Produced by Chrissy Teigan and Campfire Films, directed by Emmy Award winner Marina Zenovich. Learn about Remnant Fellowship and the cult of Gwen Shamblin Lara. 



Natasha is busy writing her much anticipated memoir.

Set to be released in 2022. 

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Yup. She has more to say. She might say some of it in her book, on this website, through a blog, or her youtube channel. She might say something everywhere.  But, yeah, many asked, so get ready. It will be big and it will be bold!

Image by dole777

Different content can be found across Natasha's official social media platforms. Be sure to follow, like, comment, share and subscribe. 


Slobodan Mike Pavlovic


My Uncle, a legend, a humanitarian, a selfless person who lived to built a future for others, has been called to Heaven. He has been a big influence in my life and the lives of anyone who came in contact with him. He had a dream to give back to his birth country (former Yugoslavia), and realized those dreams. He built two universities, a church, financed the rebuilding of the only synogogue in Bosnia in the city of Doboi, founded the Pavlovic International Banks, erected monuments to those that contributed to society, and built the Pavlovic Bridge among other works. His work was recognized by the highest honors and awards and those that he helped. 

     While he could have lived selfishly in his wealth, he chose instead to live humbly.  He cared about providing people with an education and with work and encouraging them to give back to others. 

Slobomir, the city he co-created with his wife Mira, the city of "Freedom and Peace" was that all would have freedom and peace. His constant message was that we should have dreams and work hard to manifesting them. His message was that we be kind and loving toward one another. His message was that we are all one people and we should live in unity. There was not a time when I did not see my Uncle where he told me to work hard and contribute to society. His calm during storms was a great example to me. He encouraged me when I was down and his words pushed me to get through my hardships. Rest in Peace my dear Uncle. You have left a legacy and shall always be remembered for your good deeds and contributions to individuals and to communities. May you fly freely among the angels and may you have peace.  Love you. 


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