​     Natasha's interest in flight began  aboard her first flight from Belgrade, Serbia to Chicago, Illinois.   Natasha enrolled in flight lessons with Justice Aviation in Santa Monica, Ca. in 1998. In 1999, she obtained her wings by earning  her private pilots' license. She also had lessons in classroom, in various planes, including an acrobatic airplane (with Tom Cruise's flight instructor), and simulators.

        Natasha flew her own plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza. She has also flown in a Dolphin 29, a Pitts S-2B, Cessna 152, 172, and 182.   In February of 2004, Natasha made history in Bosnia/Hercegovina by becoming the first  Serbian woman to reach  "the edge of space," by  co-piloting a Mig-25  outside of Moscow, Russia upwards to 86,000'.  While at the edge, she waved the Russian, American, and Serbian flags to pay homage to her host country, birth country, and the country where she was raised and educated.

          Wanting to go further and higher, Natasha learned about Sir Richard Branson's commercial space company, Virgin Galactic. She became one of the first  Founding members. Natasha went through extensive medical checks, classroom instruction, and centrifuge training. She earned a certificate of accomplishment from Nastar facility out of Philadelphia.Natasha hopes to earn her astronaut wings on Virgin Galactic commercial space flight.

     Her fascination and respect for women pilots led  to her joining  the 99's organization and research early women pilots. Particularly, she focused on the WASP, or Women Airforce Service Pilots, who served as an auxillary unit in WWII.  One of the highlights of her studies was meeting and befriending an original WASP enlistee, Mrs. Mary Lou Colbert.   Natasha supports the Kitty Hawk foundation, a charitable organization that introduces and promotes  aviation for children.