Natasha Pavlovich

     Natasha has worked as a professional ramp, editorial, hair, and fit model for international brands such as Trevor Sorbie of London, Modo Eyewear, Victoria Royal,  Rene of Paris, Elizabeth Michaels, Jeran, and GuyRex,  

          Having  a 34-24-34 figure made Natasha the perfect fit model.  Her long and shapely legs were featured on many of the TV shows in which she acted., There are numerous close ups, pans,  and scenes shot around her legs. The Gillette Company chose Natasha as the company's representative  for their ladies Venus razors. 

          People Magazine featured Natasha's style in their coverage of the Golden Globe Awards in their February 1999 issue. Hollywood Press and Paparazi anxiously await to see what Natasha is wearing at  red carpet events.  When Mr. Blackwell co-judged the Miss Arab America pageant with Natasha, he put  Natasha on his best dressed list.  She has worn custom gowns that she  co-designed with Jeran, and  GuyRex. ​