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Natasha has always been passionate about reading, writing, and story telling. She has written novels and screenplays and created content for television and movies. While major Hollywood studios were very impressed with Natasha's ability to write and express herself, Natasha left her work in boxes, drawers, and trash cans.  One top movie producer said, "You have an instinct for story telling," and encouraged Natasha to write a novel to be adapted to film. 

     Natasha was close to publishing a memoir, "Among Stars: 10 Habits to Skyrocket to Success," but her life suddenly took a turn.  All her attention had to be focused on protecting her child against Gwen Shamblin Lara, Weight Down, and the Remnant Fellowship

     Now that the HBOmax docuseries THE WAY DOWN: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin has exposed a small part of her life, Natasha is writing a detailed account of her story. The much anticipated memoir is in the works. 




Kevin S. Bright

“Your dailies are absolutely wonderful. The amount of range you brought to this part was incredible. By the way, some of your suggestions for future plot lines involving your character were quite good.”

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Sir Richard Branson

"Look forward to reading your book."


Neil Simon

"I liked your letter a lot. I felt all the emotions you must have had because you expressed them so well. So, your perseverance paid off.


Roberto Begnini

Natasha flabbergasted me….One of the most beautiful and talented ladies I have the pleasure to work with.


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