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Miss Pavlovich  has held several prestigious titles: Miss Beverly Hills (CA) 1991,  Finalist in Miss California-USA, Miss Yugoslavia 1991, and finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant.   Other titles include spokesmodel finalist on International Star Search and winner of the Gillette company's best legs in Los Angeles in their "Miss Passion Venus" contest. 

          Natasha has been on a distinguished panel of  judges for many pageants, among them:  Miss Teen Tennessee (USA) 2017, Miss Tennessee USA 2017, Miss Universe 2003   in Panama City, Panama,  Miss Asia-America, Miss Arab-America, Miss Texas USA, and Miss Los Angeles. ​She has also had the honor of being a judge for Miss Universe 2003 (Panama City, Panama) Miss Texas, Miss Tennessee-USA 2016, Miss Teen Tennessee-USA 2016, Miss Asia-America, and Miss Arab-America and Miss Los Angeles, California. Natasha was also honored to have been considered a "GuyRex Girl" by the late pageant "Kings of Queens," Richard Guy and Rex Holt. 

Natasha met Richard Guy and Rex Holt, who are also known as GuyRex and  "The Kings of Pageants" when they all appeared in an episode of CBS's "48 Hours" together.  GuyRex had five Miss Texas contestants become Miss USA's in five consecutive years. The  winners were their "Aces."   And Natasha was Miss Beverly Hills-USA at the time. Natasha became a "GuyRex" girl and often wore custom GuyRex designed dresses for events all over the world. 

Natasha met many lifelong friends through pageants, keeping in touch with many Miss Universe Contestants.  She jokes that she is still Miss Yugoslavia...since the country no longer exists and since she never had to pass on the title.